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Don’t settle for less, any organization deserves to look good. Use our quality Specialty Coffee Services to help with your image without spending more than a “K-cup”. 

  • No contracts to make you mad or minimum commitments to worry about

  • Customizable and cost effective programs that save you money


  • No rental equipment fees, no ordering supplies because we refill your system for you, no need to store supplies that might go “missing”, no need to repair or maintain any equipment because we do it for you at no additional cost. 

  • We offer Healthy solutions that help boost your team! Vegan, Organic, you name it!

  • Quality coffee options available with the push of a button

  • Keep employees happy and wanting to stay at work, maximize productivity, keep up with the trend of providing employees with a simple cup of tea or coffee. 

  • Offer your customers high quality beverage options that give your brand a good image! Keep them coming back, I mean why not show off what you have? Use our program to your advantage!

  • There is no need to order, fix, maintain, or purchase any equipment, we do it all for you! How is this possible? We rely on quality employees and quality technology. It’s that simple!

Only the Best

High quality workplace beverages are possible to achieve on a tight budget. You will save on wastage from product not being thrown away from your old coffee systems, no more pods that walk away and are harmful to the environment.

You will; however, take advantage of the energy efficiency of our supplied systems, increased productivity in the workplace, display screen marketing, and of course, the coffee quality itself!

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We provide a FREE system suited to meet your workplace requirements. Take advantage of no upfront costs, no contracts or commitments, and you can cancel at any time.

We have various systems available to suite your workplace volume. We also offer integrated display screens that can be used for advertising purposes. 

Need branded cups and lids? We have all of your coffee needs covered!

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Leave the cleaning, filling, maintenance, and repair work up to us. Its included at no additional cost! You don’t have to buy anything, just pay for the number of cups you actually consume! Thats it! We hope you enjoy the quality and convenience of what Bean There Brew That can provide your team!

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Elements of Design


The ultimate espresso is a short and concentrated coffee drink produced by passing hot water under high pressure through freshly ground beans. Cappuccinos, Latte, Americano and the finest traditional cup of coffee require a machine which can produce this rich espresso. The only coffee systems capable of producing this espresso are traditional espresso machines, which require individual expertise and our Specialty Coffee “bean to cup” systems which provide a perfect cup – at the push of a button.


Crema is the initial light/tawny colored liquid that comes out during the espresso extraction. It is what causes that ‘Guinness effect’ and is the hallmark and one of the key elements of determining a premium brewing procedure. All of our Specialty Coffee Systems create this indicator of excellence – cup after cup after cup.