What do we do and how are we different?

Simply put, we improve workplace coffee experiences by providing damn good coffee and coffee services to the Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding area. We do this by providing a high-quality brewing system to your team and service the machine free of charge. We do things differently by not tying you up in a contract and you are only billed for how many cups you consume! We offer over 20 varieties of beverages and over 50 tea combinations. Why wait longer? Book a free no-obligation trial for you and your team today!

Are there any upfront costs or commitments?

No! We bill monthly and only after you’ve used our coffee services and only the actual number of cups your team consumed. That means you only pay for what you use. Thats it!

What if I change my mind in the future?

You can cancel at any time. No contracts or cancellation fees!

What beverage options are provided?

Its entirely up to you! We have over 20 gourmet coffee/espresso beverages all at the push of a button. With many selection to choose from, you can change beverage options at any time or we can change them by the season for you. No additional costs are added!

Do we cost more than a regular coffee machine?

No! By the time you factor in purchasing, storing, filling, and maintaining, the average workplace saves money by hiring our services.

Do we have to buy your coffee system?

No! We provide a complimentary system sized appropriately for your workplace. We service and maintain the machine at no additional costs to you!

Can we add in our own logo and branding to your machines?

Yes! we help you brand the machine so you can show off your image to your employees and customers

How big or small of a workplace do you typically service?

Our sytems work best when your workplace consumes about 30 or more cups per day and there are no size limits!

How far do you service outside of Edmonton, Alberta?

Each client is unique in their own way. BTBT provides products and systems throughout Canada; however, only provides its full service coffee program to clients within a 1hr radius of Edmonton.


  • Affordable fixed price-per-cup structure – In most cases, our program saves our clients more cash than compared with other popular systems such as k-cups.

  • Better for the environment – No more wasted coffee or individual serving wrapping, all components of our program can be recycled or compostable

  • We take care of everthing so you dont have to lift a finger! From taking care of all cleaning, regular maintenance, refilling of ingredients, and repairing systems as needed. You can count on us to take care of your entire coffee and tea program in a responsible and sustainable manor.

  • Boast to clients and help retain employees. Improve productivity and enhance your overall workplace experience.

  • Display Screen Adds and Enhanced Branding-Integrated with our specialty coffee systems, your logos, photos, videos, or any other content from your organization can be uploaded. Advertise to your clients or notify employees on sales, news and upcomming events.

  • We can provide branded coffee cups for you to show off to your employees and clients. Boast to clients, visitors, and employees.

  • Theres no risk! no contracts, no minimum commitments, and no upfront costs! Book a free tasting today to see for yourself!